Monday, September 8, 2008

Has anyone seen my son?

You may remember back in July my family and our friends, The Climers, took a trip to Santa Monica and Malibu for a photoshoot and some fun family time. The photoshoot was for Seasons, Ltd., the makers of Halloween costumes. Riley and his best friend, Lucas Climer, were in the shoot and each modeled at least 9 or 10 costumes... I dunno exactly, I lost count. Riley modeled a policeman, an army dude, a werewolf, a cowboy, an alien, the grim reaper, a skeleton, hmmm, what else. I don't honestly remember. What can I say? It was hot, there were lots of kids running around, lots of costumes and it was hot. The photos are going to be used for all the packaging and advertisements for the costumes.

The shoot itself was an interesting experience. The two other shoots Riley has done have been for Baby Couture magazine and were outside. This one was in studio, or rather, in a trailer that they call a studio where the fuses blew every 5 minutes and no one knew what was going on. I think the poor hair and makeup girl was ready to walk out because it was so chaotic. Are they always like that? I wouldn't know. Riley and Lucas had fun but got bored after awhile and were really ready to be done after costume 7 or 8. It was a loong day, we got there at 8:30 and left at 5:30. Yes, we got paid and yes, they fed us but it was still a looong day!

Okay, so here is my problem and here is where I need YOUR help! I cannot find the costumes he modeled anywhere! And by anywhere I mean every online costume retailer on the net. The director of the shoot said that they would be in Target, KMart, WalMart, etc. Granted, none of those stores have their costumes out yet, but I went to all of their websites and browsed the costumes they have and none of them are Riley and Lucas!

Can you please help me by checking costumes when you go to a retailer? I am soo anxious to see the packaging with Riley's adorable face! If you don't remember, or don't know, what Riley looks like click here.

Thanks for you help locating my little cowboy, policeman, werewolf, army dude, grim reaper, etc etc etc!

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