Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My new favorite thing and the Creston Classic Rodeo

And no, my new favorite thing is not the Creston Rodeo.
I recently discovered Picnik. It is a photo editing website that is free and easy and the best part is that I don't have to download anything so I can play around on it at work! Oops, I mean I can play around on it at home but never ever do anything like that at work (cough cough).

We went to the rodeo in Creston a few weekends ago. Never heard of Creston California? That surprises me!! I mean, after all, it is famous for.... okay, nothing. It is famous for nothing. It is a blip on the map. A blink and you miss it town. But, once a year they hold a rodeo and the kids have been dying to go to one (and I was not about to pay over 25 bucks a ticket for them to see the rodeo at the fair this year). I grew up going to the rodeo in Hailey, Idaho and have very fond memories so I definitely wanted my kids to exeperience it at as well.

So, I decked them out in their cowboy hats (yes they both have them) and off we went, with mom, Ryan and the foster boys in tow.

It was hotter than hot, dusty, dirty and FUN! The kids really enjoyed it and I was in photo heaven! The best party was what they called Mutton Bustin'. Basically, little kids don their bike helmets and climb on top of a sheep and hold on for dear life while the sheep runs around the arena. It was hilarious!! Riley said he wanted to do it next year!

Here are the photos from the rodeo that I enhanced using Picnik (remember, my new favorite thing?):

This one of Bella is my absolute FAVORITE picture at the moment. A fair entry for sure!

And here are some other fun pics from the rodeo:

Tired after a long, fun filled day!


Anonymous said...

Bella's got some serious hat head happening in that last picture!

Hey...check out my got an award. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kate, BEAUTIFUL photos! I have to check out Picknik now!! :)