Friday, July 25, 2008


This past weekend we went to Malibu because Riley was in a photoshoot for Seasons, Ltd who make Halloween costumes. We decided to make a fun weekend out of it and our friends, the Climers, came with us so their son could also be in the photoshoot.

Sunday we left early and drove down to Santa Monica. We got there around 11 and found a spot on the beach, right next to the pier. The kids (all 6 of them) were very excited to play in the ocean and to go on the rides at the pier. We spent a few hours at the beach before showering off and heading up to do rides and games on the pier. We let each kid pick one ride and one game and then we kept playing until they all walked away with a stuffed animal (hard feelings thus avoided).

Beach in Santa Monica

My little mermaid

Bella and her prize

The Family on the Santa Monica Pier

Our hotel was The Marriott in Marina Del Rey. It was beautiful and, thanks to Priceline, cheap!! We went to C&O Trattoria for dinner. My sister used to take me there when she lived in LA and it was always a really fun place with yummy Italian food.

View from our hotel room

The kids and I at C&O
Sunday Jenn, Lucas, Riley and I got up early and drove to Malibu for the photoshoot (will post more on that later). The four of us spent the day at the shoot (8:30-4:30) while the dads and the other kids hung out at the beach in Malibu. After the shoot we joined them at the beach and watched Riley go booging boarding. I must say, the beach in Malibu was soo much nicer than Santa Monica. It was cleaner, the sand softer and there were a lot less people. It reminded me of the beaches in Kaua'i!

Beach in Malibu

We left Malibu late and didn't make it home until after midnight. The kids were fast asleep, totally worn out from all the fun in the sun! It was a wonderful getaway! And of course, I have pictures! Click to enlarge!

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Kate, great pics!! Especially of Riley catching the wave! :) I'm looking very forward to hearing about the photo shoot.

great post!