Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ready or not

Monday, September 2nd was a big day in the Swarthout house. Riley started 2nd grade and one of our foster sons started first grade.

The morning was a bit hectic. We had been in San Diego that weekend and got home pretty late Sunday night. The kids were tired. Ryan and I were tired. But, we had to do what we had to do!

We are very happy with Riley's teacher. She is the one we had really liked when we did open house last year so we asked Riley's 1st grade teacher to put him in her class. And wouldn't you know it, his 2 best friends just happen to be in the same class! The teacher must have been forwarned about the three of them because she had them sitting on opposite sides of class (smart lady).

Our foster son, J, had the same teacher that Riley had last year. We really liked her too. She was very patient with J on the first day, seeing that he was very nervous and shy. This was a new school for him and with all the changes he has had in his life in the past few months, we wanted this transition to go smoothly. He seemed to like the class and has said he likes the teacher and is making friends!

I can post pics of Riley but cannot post pics of J. So here they are:

Riley and Lucas

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