Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Batter Up!!!

Can I just brag for a minute? My son is a stud!!! Baseball season is underway and Riley is playing for the Colorado Rockies. His positions are pitcher and 3rd base and he is rockin' at both!
We have had a few games so far and he has made awesome plays in all of them, striking and getting kids out left and right. Here are some pics and videos of him in action. In the videos, he is pitching in one and makes a great play to get someone out at first in the other. The action happens pretty fast so you may have to watch it a few times. Enjoy! And I love comments!



Thursday, March 11, 2010


Big news! The house is finally done and we spent this weekend moving in!

I took friday off of work and with the help of my best friend, Jenn, we moved almost the entire house in 3 days with just our cars and Ryan's truck. Can you say girl power??!!

So, of course the new house is total chaos right now with unpacking, organizing and we are still waiting for the electrician to come and the hardwood floors in the diningroom to get finished. Both of those things should be happening any day now.

Here is what we had done on the house: new paint throughout, new carpet in the bedrooms, new hardwood floors in the kitchen, diningroom, livingroom and hallway, removed a wall in the diningroom and stained all the cabinets. The house looks completely different now; soo much better! We still want to do a lot of landscaping; laying sod and planting. But, that will have to wait until we get more settled in the house.

The kids are loving it here so far. We have been in the hot tub a few times (still way too cold for the pool) and they are loving that they have so much more space!

I am hoping to get done unpacking and settled by the end of the month. But, here are some pics of how the house looked after this weekend of moving. Like I said, total chaos!!