Thursday, September 30, 2010

Still playing catch up- new addition to the family!

We have an adorable new addition to our family and her name is Molly Rose!

My mom's dog, Poppy, passed away in the spring. She recently decided that she was ready for a puppy so we spent some time searching for just the right one. And then we found her!

Molly is a cockapoo (cocker spaniel, poodle mix) like our other dog Lili, and like Poppy was. We love the cockapoo breed! They don't shed, are so smart and loyal and sweet and are great with kids and other animals.

We picked Molly up at the Fresno airport on our way back from Shaver Lake (see previous post) and she cuddled and slept in my lap the whole way home. Once home, she seemed to know automatically that she belonged to my mom (Nona as the kids call her). She follows her around everywhere she goes, sits at Nona's feet, cuddles on her lap, etc. She is very loyal! She is also getting along great with our 2 other dogs and 2 cats (whew, good thing we have a big house and a big yard with all those animals!). The kids love playing with her and she has been a great addition to the family!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Bit Behind in Blogging (trying to catch up) Shaver Lake

Sorry for the lag in postings! We have been very busy, so I have a lot to post about. I will try to do one every other day or so and get caught up. So, keep checking in and reading.

The weekend before school started we went camping at Shaver Lake with the Climers. We had never been to Shaver before so it was a new experience for all of us! It was a quick, 3 hour drive up to Shaver from Paso.

We decided to stay at Camp Edison. We were all very impressed with the campground. It is huge, very clean and well kept up, lots of sites were right on the lake (although not ours). Our site was very private as we had huge boulders on one side that the kids loved to climb all over and ride their bikes down. There were camp hosts that went around in the evenings and asked people to quiet down (yes, we got warned...) so it was not a loud, party atmosphere at all.

We spent our first full day hanging out by the water. Unfortunately, the weather had just cooled off after a heat spell so it was very chilly and windy that day. None the less, the kids were in the water, swimming and playing around. Ryan, Jenn and Jim took the jet skis out but were all frozen upon returning so I opted out of doing that! We roasted lots of marshmallows and ate lots of s'mores! That is my favorite part of camping.

We had so much fun at Shaver that we can't wait to go back! We already picked out the spot we are going to reserve for next year (right on the water!).

Here are some photos from the trip. Enjoy and please leave comments!