Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another day, another first

This time, it was Bella's turn to start school. Tuesday, 9-2 was Bella and my foster son's (S) first day of preschool! They are going to a wonderful preschool here called Stars. I love the school, great classrooms with lots of different activities, nice teachers and an awesome playground that is shaded (super important during our 100 degree summers).

Bella was very nervous. She picked out her outfit for the day (princess shirt hooray!), got her backpack and lunch box and we headed off! Ryan and I took both Bella and S to school. Neither of us would miss it for the world!

We took Bella into her class, introduced her to the teacher and showed her around. The teacher showed her where her cubby was and had her sit down to do a project. There were two other girls at the table and poor Bella wouldn't even look at them! After she finished her project we looked at some of the other toys in the room and we hit the jackpot, a box full of HORSES! Bella was so excited when she found that. Another little girl came over to play with her and Ryan and I knew that it was time for us to go! We have Bella a big kiss and let her go on her way.

And no, I did NOT cry! I am saving that for kindergarten.

After school, Ryan picked them up and asked Bella how she did. She said she cried at naptime because she missed us. Otherwise, she said she had fun. We took a special blankie with her the next day for her to cuddle with at nap and she was so excited when she came home and said she didn't cry!
She likes it now, still shy but slowly opening up and having fun! Another great thing about this school is that two of my coworkers both have children in Bella's class!

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our(soontobe)partyof6 said...

Oh my gosh Taters, she looks exactly like you, it's amazing. She's gorgeous, of course! WOW!