Monday, September 15, 2008

Play soccer and Go Camping

Riley is playing soccer with AYSO again this year and Ryan is coaching the team. They are calling themselves the Fire Breathing Dragons. Be afraid, be very afraid!!
We have had two games so far. The first game was great, we scored 4 goals in the first half but then our team puttered out (yes, it was 100 degrees so they had an excuse) and the other team came back to score 5 goals and win the game.

The second game was another story. Let's just say we got spanked, big time! They won 14-2. I swear one of the kids on that team was a professional, he was HEADING the ball!! At 7 years old!! I was impressed. Hopefully our next game will go better. But, as long as Ryan and the boys are having fun, it doesn't matter if we ever win a game!

Riley and his buddy Zack

Riley and his best friend, Lucas

For Labor Day weekend, we went on our first and last camping trip of the summer. We spent the long, hot 3 day weekend at Lake San Antonio with our friends, The Climers. We had a great time! The lake water was the perfect temp, the kids had a blast out on the jet skiis and splashing around in the water! Here is a slide show of photos from the trip. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Kate, I just watched your whole slideshow... that weekend looked like the BEST!! Wow, so much fun with family and friends. I liked Riley being Shamu. :)
Thanks for posting, friend!