Monday, October 1, 2007

Feeling the love

I am assuming most of you who read this blog don't know much about the world of digital scrapbooking. I am still learning myself.
Most of the designers have blogs where they post the kits they design and you can purchase them to use in making your page layouts. Some of the designers have a creative team (CT) that designs layouts using the designer's kits. These layouts are posted in different galleries and on other blogs, etc. Friday I saw a call for CT members from one of the designers I really like. I applied by sending her a link to this blog and also my gallery on so she could see my work.
GUESS WHAT!!?? I was chosen to be a member of her creative team! I am thrilled right now because I am so new at doing digital scrapbooking and it is a huge honor for me.
What happens now is that I will have access to all of Lisa's kits and will create at least 2 layouts a month (of my choice) using her kits. You will be seeing those mixed in with the other layouts I create.

Here is a link to Lisa's blog so you can see the awesome kits she designs.

Okay, I am done tooting my horn. I am just really excited! (can you tell?)

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TragedyAnne said...

Congrats Kate, I am also on JD'sMOM a.k.a Lisa's CT!!
Looking forward to creating and meeting you.
WOW your 1st CT woohoo, she was my 12th and last for now, getting way to
Just call me an