Friday, September 28, 2007

I thought this would be a quickie

This will be quick because it is already 10:15 pm, I still have to finish We Are Marshall tonight so I can give it back to Jenn tomorrow. Riley has a soccer game in the morning and right after that we are leaving to drive down to LA. Have I mentioned that yet? Ryan's employers bought both of us tickets to go to this huge food and wine event on one of the backlots at Universal Studios. Wolfgang Puck puts it on and pretty much all of the big chefs in the country are going to be there. Tickets were $300 (yes, each)!! So we are going to that tomorrow night and have lined up a babysitter for the kids through the hotel. Then Sunday we are taking the kids to Universal Studios. Should be fun!

Anyway, here are two pages I have been meaning to do for awhile but never got around to, until tonight!

For some reason, I am not happy with the Race Day page. There is still going to be another page to go along with it but I haven't started it yet. Let me know if you have suggestions on how to spiff it up a bit. Oh, that reminds me, my friend Mackenzie suggested I download the pages in medium size instead of large and that will enable you to click on each page to view it larger. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with this type of file.So, if you want to see a larger image of any of my pages, go to photobucket and search for krbrown16. When it comes up, click on it and you will see all my pages. There, you can click on each one individually and enlarge it.

kit courtesty of Tanyia Deskins

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