Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy Beaver

I was up late again last night and I have no excuses! Once the urge hits me, I must scrap!

I did 3 layouts last night and finally finished the Rome section of our Italy trip. I really like the first layout of St Peters. I don't use pastels that much and I love the colors of this kit. I am a bit scared that we only spent 2 days there and I have 7 pages. Don't want to know how many pages the rest of the trip is going to take!! Yikes!

Anyway, I love getting feedback so let me know what you think!

Welcome Kit courtesy of the DSP Designers

Breathe kit courtesy of J Baechtold

1 comment:

Mackenzie said...

Kate, I think these are beautiful! I wouldn't think of Rome as a pastel place, but the layouts really look pretty with your pics and words! good job :)