Tuesday, October 30, 2007

6 already???

I think Riley's bday party was jinxed this year.

While we were in Italy Riley decided he wanted his party at Navajo Flats in Pozo and wanted it to be an X Games party. Easy enough. We got everything organized and planned and were ready to go when on the Wednesday before the party I read in the paper that the entire Los Padres National Forrest was closed due to potential wildfire danger. I called them to make sure Navajo Flats was included in the closure and sure enough, it was. Okay, Plan B.

I quickly called our good friends Richie and Desarie and asked them if we could have the party at their house because they have a dirtbike track and the plan was for all the boys to get to ride. They said yes! So I frantically made phone calls to let everyone know about the change of location.

The day of the party arrived and I went out to their house early to set up while Ryan waited for everyone at the meeting spot so they could all drive out to the house together and not get lost. Unfortunately, I packed all of the stuff I needed to set up in Ryan's car.

After everyone got there, the kids started riding their bicycles and Richie went to his parents house across the road to get some hay for the back of his truck. He wanted to take the kids on a hayride. While he and Desarie were over there, their son Zack rode his bike down their steep driveway. The chain on his bike came off and the pedal swung around and whacked him in the leg. He started screaming while still going down the driveway.

We took him into the house and got him some ice. He was definitely in pain. Richie and Desarie finally showed up and she told us that while they were across the street, Richie accidentally ran over his mom's dog and it died!


So this poor family now has an injured son, just lost a dog and has a party going on at their house.

The rest of the party was great. The kids all had a blast and even the parents were having a great time. Desarie and Richie took Zack to the ER on Sunday at it turns out he broke his leg in 2 places! Poor kid!!

Here are some pics from the big day:
My attempt at an X Games cake. At least it tasted good!
The little kids eating a snack (Bella, Christopher and Johnny)The dads hanging outRiley riding.Me and BellaRiley blowing out his candle

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