Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good House Hunting and the Demo Crew

For those of you who don't know, we have been house hunting for a few months. We decided to combine households with my mom due to her health issues. Our current house had enough bedrooms, but was two story, so it was out. Her current house is not big enough and is in a seniors only development so it, too, was out.

House hunting was fun at times, and frustrating at times. We saw a ton of houses, a few that we really liked and most that were just not up to par. My mom gets the finder's fee for discovering the house we ended up buying. She saw it on the MLS and wanted to go take a look at it. That viewing led to more viewings which led to an offer. We closed escrow and got the keys to the house this past Friday!! We are very excited!

We are getting a lot of work done to the house. Some will be done now before we move in and some, like the landscaping, will be more of a gradual process once we are settled in the house. The first thing we wanted to do was tear out a wall that separated the diningroom from the rest of the livingroom, thereby creating one big "great room". My mom had the great idea of letting the kids go at the wall with hammers, since it would be coming down anyway. We invited our friends, The Climers, to participate with us and needless to say, we all had a blast!! We had 3 hammers and a sledge hammer all attacking the wall at once. We left an utter mess behind us but we got most of the wall down and got a lot of energy out in the process.

Here are the before pics of the house. I will be posting the during and the after shots as well down the road. Keep in mind, these are the BEFORE shots, the house will look much different once we get some work done! We are putting in hardwood floors in the diningroom, livingroom, kitchen and hallway. We are also getting new carpet in the bedrooms and painting the whole house.

And here are a few pics and a video of the kids doing the demo work


Kacey said...

Soooo cool! Congratulations to you all! :)

Jenn said...

Is this considered child labor? At least we bought them lunch after wards!!! Very excited for you guys and your new house!!