Saturday, January 30, 2010

10 feet of fresh snow!!!

Last weekend our family, along with our friends The Climers, headed up to Sierra Summit for some skiing and snowboarding. It had been raining all week prior to our trip so we were all very excited to hear that the storms brought 10 feet of new snow to the mountain.

We left early, about 6am, in hopes that we would be at the mountain by 10. Not so much. We made good time to Fresno but from there it was very slow going. The road was very windy and we had to put our on chains. We followed a very long line of cars that was snaking up the mountain and it took forever to get there. We watched the clock tick by as we went 5-10 miles an hour most of the time.

We finally made it up around noon and the dads were able to get on the mountain at 12:30. The moms, Jenn and myself, checked in to the Inn at Sierra Summit and got the kids signed up for their lessons. Bella would be skiing and the boys, Riley, Lucas and Christopher, would all be snowboarding. It was the first time for all of them! We had a fun first day on the slopes and it was a beautiful, sunny day.

The next day, Sunday, was overcast and it ended up snowing half way through the day, which the kids loved! The kids were signed up for kids camp for the whole day. They would get a 2 hour lesson and then lunch. So, the adults were free for most of the day. I was very leary to ski as I have been having issues with my hip and didn't want to risk making it worse. But, I decided to go for it! Ryan, Jim and I hit the slopes while Jenn got cozy in the lodge and watched the kids do their thing. I only made a few runs before pooping out. But Iwas glad that I tried to ski again and at least got up the mountain once! Ryan and Jim had a great day of runs with lots of fresh powder. The kids all had a blast too and after their day at kids camp was over, they spent time on their own going down the bunny hill to hone their skills. They did pretty good! A snowball fight followed and was lots of fun in the fresh falling snow.

Monday was our day to leave. We stopped at a snow park on the way down the mountain and had a huge snowball fight. We were hoping to get some sledding in but there was no place to do it. But, the kids made due with two snow ball makers and had a blast just running around and playing in the snow. We headed back home, tired, but happy. We all had a great weekend and hopefully will get to do it again next year!

Here are some pics and videos to enjoy of our trip!


Jenn said...

WOW...Looks like you guys had a blast! Very cute kids....

jimjen69 said...

Very cute slide show! What an awesome trip we had! There was a little bit of everything in that trip!