Sunday, February 14, 2010

New house update- during pics

I went over to the new house today to check up on the progress and move some stuff into the garage. The wall between the dining room and living room is gone and it looks amazing! Kudos to my mom for the idea to take it out. It opens up the space and lets so much more light in. The painters have been there all week. The colors look great! If you remember, the hallway before was a horrible dark green (a nice color but not on a wall). We changed it to a light khaki color and it made such a difference! My mom is doing her room in a light sage green, Bella's is lavender, Riley's will stay white, ours is a light blue, and the rest of the house is varying shades of beige/khaki.
Here are some pics of the way the house looked today when I was there.
Next up, new carpet and new hardwood floors!

The hallway

The kid's bathroom

Bella's room Mom's bedroom

The kitchen

The dining room, minus the wall

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