Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gotta love Photoshop

The last two Thursdays I have spent taking classes on Photoshop. As a photographer, Photoshop is a necessity! It is the best photo editing software around!

I learned a little bit about photoshop in college, and have since taught myself a bit more. But, this class was great! I relearned some tricks and tips I had forgotten and discovered new ones. bThe teacher is a professional photographer out of Tulare, CA. He does a lot of wildlife photography but also does weddings, portraits and product photography. He was a wiz and photoshop. At times he went so fast it was hard to keep up, but I still feel like I walked away from his classes knowing a lot more about photoshop than I did going in! Photoshop can be as easy, or as complex, as you want it to be. For example. I just did a few quick things to each of these photos and it made a world of difference.

What do you think?

Before, SOOC (straight out of camera)

After, see how it pops now and the colors are more defined?


after adjustments

See what a difference a little photoshop can make to your pictures?

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Jenn said...

Pics look awesome! Glad you liked the class!