Friday, August 10, 2007

Typical Day in the Life

3:00 am= awaken to sound of son calling my name. Check on him and discover he is burning up and crying because his head hurts so much. Stumble into bathroom to retrieve Tylenol and wet washcloth. After giving son Tylenol and putting cold wet washcloth on his forehead, sit at side of his bed, dozing off frequently, for 45 minutes to make sure Tylenol is working.

4:00 am= son feels cooler and is sleeping, go back to own bed.

5:30 am= alarm goes off. Say yeah right and hit the snooze.

7:00 am= wake up and say, "oh crap." Check on son. He is burning up again. Give him more Tylenol and another cool washcloth. Hear that daughter is now awake in her room and calling for me. Call for husband to wake up so I can get ready for work.

8:30-4:45 pm= tediously long and boring day at work broken up only by frequent calls to check status of son, good pizza and a quick walk.

4:45 pm= leave work, call mother to check on son. Mother states son is still burning up and complaining of severe headache despite Tylenol all day. Mother mentions menengitis.

4:48 pm= FREAK OUT over mention of menengitis. Immediately hang up with mother and call pediatrician's office. Speak to nurse who also sounds very concerned over son's symptoms. She asks if he has eaten today. Do not know, tell her I will call her right back. Make frantic call to husband at work, no answer. Call mother to ask her about son's daily food intake. She states no lunch. Call pediatrician back. No answer. Curse loudly!

5:30 pm= finally get to mother's house to pick up son after first picking up daughter then driving through Mickey D's to get dinner. Son is feeling and looking horrible. Take daughter to a friend's and take son to Dr.

7:00 pm= leave Dr. Son is fine, Dr thinks it is a virus but says we need to watch him very closely just in case and bring him back tomorrow for a re check. Go to WalMart to buy more Tylenol and Motrin for son. Pick up daughter at friend's house and head home.

8:00 pm= stop to get mail and almost hit a dog. Get out of the car and dog runs up for a pet. Has no name tag on. No one around to claim dog. Can't let dog run around and possibly get hit again. Put dog in car. Go home.

8:05 pm= dog seems to be okay in house, is not trying to attack our dog or cats. It is now over half hour past daughter's bedtime and almost son's bedtime. Still, must find owner for dog as I have too many pets already.

8:10 pm= get daughter's shoes on and get leash for dog and head out to go house to house to look for owner of dog. Daughter and son both walking very slow.

8:13 pm= find owner of dog. Not sure if he really was owner of dog or just lying to get dog. Doesn't really matter as at least dog is now safe inside of a house instead of running around on the street dodging traffic.

8:20 pm= finish reading daughter a story and getting her jammies on. Lay her in her bed. Sing the required Rockabye Baby 5 times before exiting room to cries for more, "rockababy"

8:21 pm= give son does of Motrin and Tylenol. Read him story and tuck him in. Give son some Gatorade. Make son go potty again. Give son required back massage and cuddle.

8:45 pm= collapse onto bed. Flip through People magazine until kids are asleep.

9:00 pm= check on son, still very hot. Decide to wait until 10 for medicine to work. Go downstairs to clean up, take out trash, pick up house.

9:30pm= son is cooler now. IM friend on computer while browsing digital scrapbooking websites.

10:00= husband calls is on his way home.

10:30= wake son up to go potty. Still hot. Take temp with two different thermometers. Son wants to sleep in my bed. Husband comes home. All lay down to go to sleep.

11:00= drift off to lala land.

5:30 am= alarm goes off. Hit snooze button.

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