Thursday, July 10, 2008

Belle, Ballerinas and a bike

Happy 3rd birthday Bella!!

We celebrated Bella's 3rd birthday on Sunday. Nona came over and we had dinner (Bella's choice of pancakes and scrambled eggs) ate yummy cake and then watched as Bella opened her gifts. She was so thrilled with each and every gift. Her response upon opening her gifts was a huge grin and an exclamation of, "Oh! I LOVE it!". She was just too cute. We are having her birthday party this Saturday at a pony farm where Bella and all her friends will be treated to pony rides and pony cupcakes! Here are a few photos of Sunday: (click to enlarge)

playing with the puppy carnival from Grandma Val

Fancy Nancy fun with Nona, opening Auntie Carrie's gift

Barbie Mariposa!! Hmm, wonder what's in here!

New Princess bike!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww... I love those pics! I always got to choose my dinner on my birthday, and every year I would choose breakfast for dinner! Bella has great taste! :)

Looking forward to some pony pictures... can't imagine a pony cupcake!