Monday, July 14, 2008

A horseback riding ballerina

That is what Bella wants to be; a horseback riding ballerina. Not sure if she wants to be doing them at the same time, that would be a sight in itself!

We had Bella's birthday party on Saturday at a place called First Step Farm in Los Osos. I am not normally a fan of Los Osos because it is typically cold and foggy. But, lucky for us, Saturday was beautiful!! I heard about the farm from a friend at work whose daughter takes riding lessons there and also helps with birthday parties. The owner, Michelle, told me about the parties and it sounded perfect.
Bella had 10 friends come to the party. Michelle brought out 3 ponies to ride (Ginger, Black Beauty and Brownie) and one miniature horse (Buttercup) that the kids could brush or lead around the corral.
The kids all had a fantastic time riding the horses! Bella must have ridden a dozen times, it was hard to keep her off. She had a smile on her face the whole time. I know it will be a party to remember! Click photos to enlarge.
Bella and Riley. Bella on Ginger

The gang
Bella and her cupcakes
Happy 3rd! Bella with Buttercup
Bella also started Ballet classes last week. Nona bought her a ballet outfit and shoes for her birthday. I wasn't able to go to her first class but Ryan took her and said she really enjoyed it. It took her awhile to get warmed up to the teacher and the other girls in class, but by the end she was twirling around with the best of them!

Enjoy the photos! (click to enlarge)

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