Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy 9th birthday Riley

Can you believe Riley is 9 and in 4th grade??? I can't. It seems like only yesterday he was born and now he is 9!

We have a habit of throwing big, themed, birthday parties for the kids. Last year we let them choose between going to a theme park (Disneyland for Bella, Legoland for Riley) or having a party. They both chose theme park, so we had a break from planning bday parties.

This year, Riley wanted a Lego themed birthday party. I did some research online and came up with some fun Lego- themed games for the kids to play. Ryan made an awesome Lego cake and I found Lego candles online. I did all primary (Lego) colors for the decorations and paper goods. The goodie bags were filled with Lego candy and Lego soap and for prizes, we had Lego crayons (thank you Etsy).

We had 13 kids (including Bella and Riley) at the party. It was pretty crazy and the boys were wild, but we all had so much fun, especially Riley!

Here are some pics of our fun Bday party and the next slide show is of his actual birthday:

Here are some pics from Riley's actual birthday:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I really cannot believe he is 9!! What an amazing cake and candle set!!!