Friday, October 1, 2010

Catchin' up- First day of school!!

The kids started school at the end of August. This was a big day for us because not only is Riley going into 4th grade, but Bella started kindergarten!
Riley has a great teacher this year (we have been so lucky with all of his teachers so far). He has a few friends in his class and gets to see the rest of them at recess. He has to organise his own binder this year and has a ton of homework, but he is getting used to it all and still doing so well!

Bella has the same teacher that Riley had for kindergarten and we love her. Bella was pretty nervous the first few days but is feeling more comfortable at school now. She has a few friends from her preschool that are in her same class and has made many more friends in the last month. Bella is excited to be a Pifer Panther now!

So far, so good!

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