Friday, August 27, 2010

Mid State Fair Fun

I just realized that a lot of the titles of my blog posts seem to have the word "fun" in them. I guess that means that we have a lot of fun??!! I sure think so!

The Mid State fair is an annual tradition here in Paso. We love to go and spend the day going on the rides, checking out the exhibits and pigging out on corn dogs. Usually it is sweltering hot at the fair, but this year we have been having an unseasonably cool summer and the weather at the fair was just right!

They had mutton bustin' this year at the fair. Riley was too old to do it, but they let the older kids enter a contest where they had to get in teams, chase a sheep, put a shirt over its neck and get it back across the finish line. Riley, Lucas and Christopher were all on the same team. They didn't win, but it was hilarious to watch!!!

Bella's gymastics company did a demonstration on one of the stages at the fair. She loved being on stage and did a great job!

Here are some pics of our time at the fair. Enjoy!

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Kacey said...

Seriously, everytime I look at your blog I say to myself,"Dang, those kiddos are big!" I can't believe how old your kids are. Love to you all!