Monday, July 26, 2010

Male Bonding and baseball

Last weekend Ryan, Riley, Jim and Lucas all went down to LA for a little male bonding time. Oh, and they also went to a Dodgers vs Giants game at Dodger Stadium. This was Riley's first time seeing a professional baseball game and he went decked out in Dodger blue!.

The guys got to LA early on Saturday, checked into their hotel and spent a few fun hours playing in the pool. Then it was time to head out to the game. At the game, the boys each had a Dodger Dog. Riley was very proud that he finished the whole thing! Everyone really enjoyed the game, even though the Dodgers lost. Riley said the highlight of the game for him was when one of the Dodger's players hit a home run.

The weekend ended with more time at the pool before heading home on Sunday. I think they all had a great time and it was a good opportunity for some daddy/ son quality time and a little male bonding!

Meanwhile, back at home. Jenn and I took Bella and Christopher to dinner at a local pizza restaurant that has video games and then Jenn took them to see a movie. After all, they deserved to have a special night too!

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Jenn said...

Very cute! Great idea, they had an awesome time!!