Friday, January 9, 2009


Yep, I took the plunge, literally, and went on a cruise.
I have been a bit against cruising in the past because I like to spend more time in each place instead of a quick on a off. Plus, the crowd seemed wrong, too old, too young, too into parting, etc.

But, we needed something to do for mom on her 66th bday that would meet multiple requirements, and going on a mini cruise fit the bill! So, off we went.

We picked a cruise that left out of San Diego and went to Cabo San Lucas and came back. The cruise was 4 nights, 3 full days. Our family of 4 plus mom and my sister would be going. I was actually excited to go! I needed a break from work and it was supposed to be 85 in Cabo! I picked swimming with the dolphins as one of our shore excursions because I have always wanted to do it plus I knew it was something the kids would remember. We all loved it! We also took a boat ride out to Los Arcos and then went to a restaurant called The Office that was right on the beach. Did we get enough time in Cabo, no way! I will definitely go back. But, did we all have fun and do I feel rested? You bet! Now the big question, would I cruise again? I would, and for many reasons. It was so EASY! And with have 2 little ones, I look for anything that is easy. We all had fun, from my 66 year old mom to my 3 year old daughter. There was something for everyone to do, eat, and buy! Here are some pics from our trip. Enjoy!

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croissantpark said...

I have done swimming with the dolphins in Cancun Mexico but never knew they did it in Cabo too. Your rotating photos of your trip was really cool, look like you had fun.
God Bless,