Friday, October 3, 2008

I am officially a soccer mom!

Not to be outdone by her big brother, Bella started the Kidz Luv Soccer program last week. She is in the 3 and a half to 4 year old group. Imagine all of those little ones running around chasing soccer balls! It is seriously way too cute. The best part is that Bella's friends Christopher and Ella are in class with her. She is loving it!

Riley did the Kidz Luv Soccer program for three years before playing on a team through AYSO. The coaches are fantastic and they make it fun and exciting for the kids. They learn how to kick the ball, how to control it, and play silly games so the kids have fun. Here are some adorable pics from Bella's first day at soccer. Enjoy!

Listening to Coach Ryan

Look Ma, no hands!

Bella and Jeremy (Ella's brother and one of Riley's best friends)

Christopher, Bella, Jeremy and Ella. What a cute bunch!

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Anonymous said...

Kate, that is too cute! And those argyle soccer socks - oh my gosh!! I didn't know they made those!! In the old days mine were always solid colors. :)

OH, and another cool thing, Ella is our top girl name!!! That's neat you know an Ella! I thought you might think it was a weird name since it's so close to Bella, but it sounds like you're used to it cause of the girl you know. :)