Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sick kid= clean house and digiscrap!

Riley is home sick today. Well, not sick exactly, he has a raging headache. Luckily for him, his head does not hurt so bad that he cannot watch every Star Wars movie ever made. I swear that kid is obsessed!

After cleaning the downstairs of our house this morning, I decided to play on the computer. I am making birth announcements for two of my friends who just had babies. Here are the announcements I have made so far (no, their stats are not right, I just plugged in #s until I got the real ones). Keep in mind, the resolution is not very high so the file size would be smaller and easier to upload. Click to enlarge (you knew I was going to say that didn't you...)

Know anyone having a baby soon? Send them my way!! This is way fun!
Also, I made this layout of Bella's birthday and think it is sooo cute I just had to share!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Kate, those are really good!!! Did you take the pics too? The third one down is my fav. Carolyn (linked to my blog) is having a baby in 2 mo... you should give her a comment to check out your site. Those look so awesome! Hopefully I will be able to use your services someday too!!!!!!!!!!