Friday, June 20, 2008


My good friend Jill recently did a post on her blog about where she wanted to take her next vacation. She picked Croatia. I have heard wonderful things about Croatia from the friends and my sister who have travelled there. I think she will have an amazing time. So, she got me thinking, where should I go next?

Ryan and I kind of have a pattern when it comes to vacations. We tend to rotate between relaxing beach vacations (ala Cancun and Kaua'i) and on the go vacations (ala Europe). Our last vacation was 2 amazing, wonderful, tiring weeks in Italy so this next one should consist of me on the beach, tropical drink in one hand, good book in the other, kids splashing in the surf nearby and Ryan snoozing on the lounge chair next to me. Sounds Heavenly right?

I have really been wanting to go to Turks and Caicos, namely the Beaches Resort there because it is supposed to be really family friendly and sounds like the perfect place to keep the kids and adults happy and entertained!

But, with Carrie in New Zealand in a pretty serious relationship, I have a feeling we will be jetting off to Kiwiland before we go anywhere else. Not that I mind, it just wouldn't be my first choice. I really really like warm weather and NZ is known more for rain... Oh well. From the photos my sister has sent, the scenery looks amazing and I am very excited to meet Billy and see where my sister has spent the last year of her life.

Any other thoughts on where we should go??

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Anonymous said...

Relaxing beach vacation... hmmm... we just got back from Laughlin and there was a river and it was relaxing! But not so fun at 115 degrees.

I think you should find a cool beach in NZ and plan your vacation for there (for an undetermined date). :) Maybe the weather would warm up for you!